Hand-held welding machine

HW series hand-held welding machine is designed to simplify the operation steps and make the smooth welding seam into reality. The stable operation experience could be accounted a success of single wobble welding head. An extensive range of proven applications for this portable laser welder includes stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other metal materials laser welding, can be a perfect alternative to argon arc welding machine and gas shielded welding machine in certain sectors.

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  • Production cycle 15-30 working days
  • Departure port Ningbo
  • Certification CE/Apperance Patent

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Connector type QBH
Power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Collimation focal length 50mm
Focus focal length 120/150mm
Power consumption 2.5KW
Operating temperature 13-25℃
Operating humidity <70% no condensation
Voltage AV220V/380V
Floor space 2500*1000mm


A Better Solution Plan

The laser welder is 2-3 times faster than conventional welding machines, and able to providing better weld formation, less prone to distortion, and no need for secondary grinding.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design of welding gun offers maximum comfort for either left-handed of right-handed operator, helping operator to achieve high welding efficiency.

Advanced Welding System

The latest welder operating system is suited to laser cutting of a variety of metal materials, can realize smooth fish-scale welding appearance.

Simple Operation Platform

This handheld laser welding machine is easy to operate, allowing novice welders to be trained and able to operate the welder in few hours.

Wire-loading System

Ingenious design of internal parts, interactive control system and special wire feeder allow for welding up to 5mm additional weld width.

Portable Machine

The handheld laser welding machine occupies small floor space, and is equipped with movable casters which make workplace changing easier.

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Hand-held welding machine

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