Shǐyòng jīnshǔ jīguāng qiēgē jī duì gōngzuò huánjìng yǒu méiyǒu yāoqiú? 20/5000 Is there a requirement for a working environmen

Laser cutting machine is widely used in the hardware industry processing, but in the process of actual use of laser cutting machine, the working environment is also a major factor affecting its processing efficiency. After a long time, it will affect the service life of laser cutting machine equipment. So, does the laser cutting machine have any requirements for the working environment?

How to choose the power of laser cutting machine?

Nowadays, many customers choose not only to pay attention to equipment quality and price when purchasing laser cutting machines, but now they are more suitable to choose their own equipment according to the difference in cutting materials. So how do you choose the right power segment based on your cutting material? Is the power of the device as high as possible?