How to choose the power of laser cutting machine?

How to choose the power of laser cutting machine?

How to choose the power of laser cutting machine?

Nowadays, many customers choose not only to pay attention to equipment quality and price when purchasing laser cutting machines, but now they are more suitable to choose their own equipment according to the difference in cutting materials. So how do you choose the right power segment based on your cutting material? Is the power of the device as high as possible?

How to choose the right equipment power?

1. First, we must first understand the production range, processing materials and thickness of the company, so as to determine the type of equipment to be purchased, and the processing format, to make a simple preparation for the later procurement work. Laser cutting machine applications include sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising, technology, medical equipment and many other industries. The mainstream standard countertop on the market is 3 meters multiplied by 1,5 meters. However, this is not a problem. Junhao Laser offers 3015, 4015, 4020, 6015 (support non-standard custom) models for customers to choose.

2, the cutting surface is smooth: the laser-cut cutting surface has no burr method; in general, it is mainly determined by the cutting thickness and the use of gas. Cutting below 3mm is burr-free, the gas is the best for nitrogen, the second is for oxygen, and the air is the worst. The metal laser cutting machine has the least or no burrs, the cutting surface is very smooth, the speed is also compared, and the material deformation is relatively small.

3, the size of the power: For example, most of the factory is cutting metal sheets below 6mm, there is no need to buy high-power laser cutting machine, 1000W laser cutting machine can meet the production needs, if the production volume is large, worry about 1000W efficiency is not as good For high-power laser cutting machines, the best choice is to buy two or more small and medium-power laser cutting machines, which will help manufacturers in terms of cost control and efficiency.

4, the core part of laser cutting: laser and laser head, is imported or domestic, imported lasers generally use more IPG, domestically produced is more of Sharp, at the same time, laser cutting other accessories also Note, such as whether the motor is imported servo motor, guide rail, bed, etc., because they affect the cutting precision of the machine to some extent. A special point to note is the cooling system of the laser cutting machine - cooling cabinets. Many companies use household air conditioners to cool them directly. The effect is actually clear to everyone. It is very bad. The best way is to use industrial air conditioners. In order to achieve the best results.

Is the power of the device as high as possible?

The higher the power, the better. In fact, this idea is very one-sided. The higher the power, the higher the cost of the laser cutter. Power size is one of the main factors affecting the price of laser cutting machines. High-power laser cutting machines place higher demands on their hardware. The upgrade of the entire equipment component will make the cost of the entire equipment soar.

So when choosing the power of the device, we should consider the acceptable price range. The higher the power, the better? This is not necessarily! Laser cutting machines can be divided into low, medium and high power according to power. For thin stainless steel and carbon steel, it is possible to cut well with a low-power fiber laser cutter, and also ensure a high cutting speed, which ensures efficiency and cost. Therefore, when purchasing a laser cutting machine, you should choose according to your own material, material thickness, etc., and do not blindly pursue high power.