Is there a requirement for a working environment using a metal laser cutting machine?

  • By Junyilaser
  • Mar 18, 2022
Laser cutting machine is widely used in the hardware industry processing, but in the process of actual use of laser cutting machine, the working environment is also a major factor affecting its processing efficiency. After a long time, it will affect the service life of laser cutting machine equipment. So, does the laser cutting machine have any requirements for the working environment?

First, to stabilize power, the fiber laser cutting machine uses electricity as power. As a high-end sheet metal processing equipment, in the processing, the fiber laser cutting machine must have stable voltage and current to avoid unstable current. Fiber laser cutting machine equipment failure, affecting the service life. Customers are advised to have a regulated power supply.

Cutting sample

Cutting sample
Second, pay attention to static electricity. In the indoor working process of fiber laser cutting machine, in addition to ensuring that the temperature and temperature are in the normal range, it is also necessary to pay attention to the phenomenon that the working environment cannot have electrostatic magnetic fields and the like, and avoid the situation that the laser light path causes errors. .

Third, the environmental humidity, the machine tools and components of the fiber laser cutting machine are mostly metal, and can not be processed in a humid environment. Excessive humidity can lead to a series of equipment failures, such as rusting of the machine and no light from the laser. As a result, the fiber laser cutting machine equipment is shut down, affecting the processing progress.

Whether it is a non-metal laser cutting machine or a metal laser cutting machine, there are certain requirements for the working environment. Non-metallic laser cutting machines may have lower environmental requirements than metal laser cutting machines, mainly because the environment is dry and not wet, because wet laser tubes are prone to sparking; the other is relatively clean and dusty, if dust Too much and not cleaned in time will affect the cutting precision of the laser cutting machine.

How should the laser cutting machine be maintained in daily life?

The daily maintenance and maintenance of the metal laser cutting machine directly affects the processing effect of the equipment, so it should not be sloppy. The following details need special attention:

1. Environment: The working environment of laser cutting machine can't be too bad. If the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, below 18 degrees, there is too much dust and serious air pollution, so the machine will be damaged and the failure rate will rise continuously; in humid environment Electrical accessories are prone to problems.

2, lens: focusing mirror and mirror inspection, work for a while, the frame will be hot, the surface of the lens will be discolored and rusted; the film cracking is the object to be replaced, especially for many customers using atmospheric pumps and air compressors, so Concentrated water is caused on the focusing lens, so it is necessary to ensure the cleaning and quality of the lens in the optical path system at regular intervals.

3. Laser tube: The fulcrum should be reasonable. The fulcrum should be at 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube. Otherwise, the laser tube spot pattern will be deteriorated. Sometimes the spot will become several points in a period of time, causing the laser power to drop. Claim. The working current of the laser tube should be reasonable, and it can't work under full power for a long time.

4. Cleaning: timely remove the dirt and dust on the laser cutting machine body, cutting head, sensor and other components, so as to keep the appearance of the machine tool clean; timely clean the flammable materials such as glove rags in the machine tool to prevent fire in the cutting; Clean the iron slag on the waste car of the hopper in time to ensure that the cutting waste can fall smoothly.

5. Inspection: Before starting the machine every day, it is necessary to carefully check the pressure of the working gas and whether the valve is working properly, to avoid the lack of air pressure and affect the quality of the cutting section; check whether the cooling water circulation of the two channels is normal, and avoid the cutting quality due to the poor cooling of the optical path lens. Even damage the lens; check the gas pipe connection of the cutting head, whether there is leakage of the cooling water, so as to ensure the normal supply of gas and cooling water; check the protective mirror and the focusing mirror before cutting and clean in time to ensure the cutting quality and the life of the focusing lens.

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